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Whois, as its name suggests, is a protocol that allows users to access the huge database of registered owners of an Internet resource such as a stand-alone system, IP block, domain name, etc. In other words, it is a query and response protocol that allows users to know who is the registered owner of a domain by simply typing the exact domain name. The protocol, in turn, will provide the answer in a human-readable format. A more detailed specification of the Whois protocol can be found in RFC 3912, which is now widely used because of its relative importance in various aspects of online activities.

Here are some reasons why people do Whois research:
Domain name purchase and trading
Check the expiration of the domain
Discover the identity of the domain owner
Find the place and address of the owner
Marketing purposes

Based on the above use, the importance of Whois research is clear. This procedure is very advantageous for domain buyers, as it allows them to identify expiring domains on which they can bid. For domain buyers, this procedure is useful because the contact details or address of the domain owner can be obtained, allowing them to contact the owner where purchase proposals can be sent. In addition, research is also a deterrent to other malicious online activities because their identity can be revealed by the process and appropriate legal action can be taken.

Advantages and disadvantages of WhoIs research
Being able to identify the owner of a domain is an advantage that benefits many users. However, there is also a major disadvantage to it, namely the lack of confidentiality on the part of the domain owner since his identity is made public. Before registering the domain, the user is required to disclose his or her full name, address and contact details, such as e-mail address and telephone number. This is in line with the provisions of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN, which require that the contact details of registrants be made public in the Whois directories. This provides an entry point for spammers and marketers to enter email addresses and phone numbers for their marketing and spamming activities.