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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL rewriting is the process of transforming dynamic URLs into more user-friendly static URLs. The URL rewriting tool converts dynamic URLs into URLs that are easier for users and search engines to remember.

URL rewriting can be one of the best and fastest ways to improve the usability and searchability of your site.

Static vs. dynamic URL

The URL is the web address of any web page (just as we have a particular residential address). URLs are classified into two types: static and dynamic.
Static URL - A static URL is a static URL in which the content of the web page remains the same as long as someone does not change code in the HTML. these web pages normally have the file extension. htm or. html.

Dynamic URL - If you have a database-driven website, pages are normally generated using data from a database. Here, dynamic URLs are generated from specific queries to a site's database. A dynamic URL contains? and the part after? is the database line identifier that is used to retrieve the specified data from one or more database tables.

Example of a dynamic URL

Each time the values after? the resulting page will be different.

Static vs. Dynamic: What is better?

Search engine spiders do not like dynamic web pages when parameters are attached to the end of the URL after the character question mark. Static URLs are generally better ranked in search engine results, mainly because they are indexed faster than dynamic URLs."