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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

About the tool

Every device, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone has a different screen resolution. In today's advanced smart phone and smart gadget technology, it is imperative that web designers and graphic designers know how to design a responsive user interface regardless of the device being used. The web page screen resolution simulator mimics the resolution of a device and helps the designer test web sites on mobiles, iPads, laptops and desktops.

How the tool works
The Web page screen resolution simulator consists of a field in which you must enter the URL of your Web page. Then select a screen resolution of your choice or as required. For example, if you want to mimic the user interface as it would appear on a smartphone, you will need to select a screen resolution of less than 480 pixels. Anything above 1024 pixels corresponds to a desktop resolution. Finally, click the Check button. The results are displayed in a separate window that opens with the

content of the web page.

Since the job of the web page screen resolution simulator is to mimic the screen resolution of a computer, laptop or mobile device, it allows web and graphic designers to control how they want the user to interact with the different elements on the screen. In general, all important information or people that attract attention should be visible to the viewer without having to scroll through them. Similarly, an important action call button should not be hidden. The more user-friendly the visitor's experience, the greater the chance that they will return to the site or make a purchase.