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About Online Ping Website Tool

About Ping Online Website Tool

One of the most important tools in SEO is the ping tool. Ping online tool is the tool that can help web owners and developers ping website and optimize website performance. By using this online ping tool, they can ping website to Google or other search engines such as Bing, Yandex and Yahoo which will automatically notify that your website or blog has been updated.

An updated blog or website can actually work amazingly for your online business or brand. Regularly updating your website can improve your content and increase the value of your online services or your business. Therefore, regularly updating your web pages with useful and valuable content is essential for your blog or website. After the update, you can ping website to Google or other engines using any quality ping tool, in order to keep them up to date with your recent activities. Notifying key search engines like Google and Bing about your updates will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Why should you use Online Ping Website Tool?
Why wait for search engines to recognize the change you have recently made on your website, when you can inform them of your update immediately. That makes sense! Right?! It's no secret that a blog can work well, which improves the overall health and value of your site as long as you keep it up to date with useful content. Therefore, whenever you publish a new blog or article, weekly or monthly, it is rather important to take control of the situation and use a quality website ping tool to notify the search engines of your updated page. You can use our online ping tool, to make your mark on the relevant online community.

How to use Online Ping Website Tool?
We, at Search Engine Reports, offer you a free online ping tool, using which you can ping website to Google in seconds. This is one of the practical tools you would like to benefit from. To use this tool, simply enter the URL of the page in the given text field and choose the category of interest that best describes the page. And then click on the blue button that says Ping Now. The choice of a category is important because sometimes the category of link can vary from one category to another. Use our online ping tool now, for quick and hassle-free indexing of your new content.