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About Google Malware Checker

What is malware?
The word Malware is derived from the term malicious. Simply put, malware is software designed to harm a computer system or data. There are several types of malware that we encounter, such as a virus, Trojan horses, spyware, etc. Different malware damages computer systems or data in different ways, for example, a virus enters one clean file and infects one file after another very quickly while a Trojan disguises itself as valid software and lets other malware enter the system acting as a harmless program.

What is Google Malware checker Tool?
The Google Malware Checker is a tool that can easily and quickly detect whether a website is safe to visit or not. It allows you to detect potential malware on any website you visit or on your own website. If you own a website, it is very important that you continue to look for possible malicious attacks on your website in order to protect it from possible damage.

How to prevent malware websites?
First, make sure your website is secure and virus-free. Also keep in mind that you have installed an updated version of the antivirus to make your system virus free. However, malware such as spyware cannot be destroyed with this antivirus. Thus, the tool is very important to defend your computer as well as your website against all kinds of viruses.

How do I use Google Malware checker?
To generate a malware report for your own URL or any URL, simply insert the same into the empty field above, then press the check button. You will be redirected to a new window. From the generated web security results, you will learn if the URL has been listed as suspicious by Google. The report will help you detect suspicious scripts in web pages so that webmasters can take corrective measures to secure their site. If your website contains a virus, people will not visit your website. People and search engines prefer the website that is safe and secure. The Malware Checker Tool scans websites for the availability of any malicious content, viruses or other security threats and sends you an alert message if a website is infected with any type of virus.