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Most people like to do research using different websites. They don't really know that some of the websites they use and visit may not really help them for the following reasons:
1. Unreliable sources of information (because anyone can change what's inside the website);
2. Full of advertisements that distract us and disturb us from our main goal;
3. Copied and pasted information without appropriate citations that can do the work and research plagiarized, and finally;
4. The website is not user-friendly because it continues to redirect you to other sites, which makes us more irritated and unclear.
With all these reasons in mind, you are lucky to have seotoolranker.com to create www. RedirectChecker 301 and Redirect http Header Check which aims to check if you have set up a search engine that is user-friendly. It also helps you see the full path where a redirected URL will end. What a relief from all those sites that prevent you from clicking, to discover that they are only advertising!
Similarly, if you are the one creating redirects on your site, this tool can help you not lose a lot of search engine traffic due to the lack of configuration of the created redirects. Thus, it is necessary that if a search engine has continued your site, it should be able to follow the redirections you have put in place.
For example, you have created a website called www.bettys.com and you have created a redirect called www.bettys/gallery.com that should send your readers and visitors to your gallery. However, if the search engine cannot follow the redirect link due to installation problems, it may think that the redirect is empty or has no content. Thus, it can display No content found or Not available. This is where the redirection tool created by you will be useful.
This tool is really easy to use, just click and copy the complete URL that is in the header of a web page, then just paste it on the Redirect Checker and click SUBMIT. There you go! You are finished and now you will know if the website is user-friendly and if you deserve to be clicked, even if you are not a computer expert or an http-guru.

Welcome to the small SEO Tools www redirection checker. On this page I will explain what the Www site redirection checker is and how it works. It is a very powerful and easy to use tool for a web developer to analyze his web pages. Www redirection is a well known SEO factor and must be enabled for your website. Www website redirect checker is a tool that allows you to check your website www redirection.
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Is it necessary to use the redirection tool?

Yes, it is very necessary to use this tool because this tool informs you about this most important referencing factor. Not using this tool can miss a small but important very sensitive SEO factor. He can be responsible for reducing the visibility of your website on search engines. So, if you are a web developer or beginners should keep this problem while optimizing your website.

The majority, lose value search engine traffic due to incorrect configuration of redirects. It basically guides search engine spiders when they come to browse your website and follow all the pages with redirection that you have configured.

What is the function of www redirect?

Basically, each domain comes with two different versions, a www. com version and other non-www. com versions. You must choose one of them, otherwise, search engine spiders considered both the version two website and index both. This will create the issue of duplicate content and google algorithms can mark as low quality page. This can also cause the Google penalty. So wisdom is that thinking before every step if you want your website to live long on a search engine. I mean on top. If you haven't corrected the www redirect for your website yet, don't worry. It doesn't take more than 2 minutes. Small SEO tools also offering the Www redirection code generator tool that allows you to generate code super-fast. Just go to redirect code generator and enter your website in the website box and select your favorite version I mean, www or non-www version and click the generate button. The generated code will be in front of you. Simply copy and paste the code into your website.htaccess file under public_html.

Note: You must enter this code under the Search Engine Enabled rule and scan the URL of your website's home page to confirm that the www redirect problem is resolved.

How to use small SEO tools www redirect checker?

It is very easy to use small SEO tools to redirect the verification tool. Simply insert the website you want to analyze into the website insertion box and submit. The result will be displayed on your system screen. If you have any questions or confusion about this, just make a comment. "