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About RGB to Hex


Here is a scenario with which you can probably identify:

You are creating an HTML or CSS web page, whether for a blog, an eCommerce landing page or a complete website. You know exactly which colors you want to use on certain sections of the page, but the problem is that the colors are only available in the rgb color template.

What can you do to obtain exactly the same colors in the HTML codes so that you can easily insert them into your creation?

The answer? Convert your RGB color to hexadecimal color.

And with our RGB to Hex color conversion tool, it's much easier than you think!

I'll show you how to do it.

Photo editing and graphic design software such as Photoshop traditionally shows colors in rgb. If a designer wants to use exactly the same rgb colors as his favorite colors for a code base construction, he will first have to convert the rgb color values into their hexadecimal representation in order to use them as HTML or CSS codes.

This is where our tool comes in. Our color converter takes the form of Red, Green and Blue color values, which range from 0 to 255, and returns the values in a hexadecimal string, which you can use for specifying color in HTML or CSS code.

Whether you are a professional web developer, a mobile application designer or simply an amateur who likes to play with code, this tool can make your life much easier. It's super simple, reliable and fast.

As an added benefit, this hexadecimal RGB tool clearly displays the color preview, so you know you are copying the right code for your favorite color. It displays the RGB and hexadecimal color values.

Our RGB to Hex color converter comes with a user-friendly interface so that everyone can use it easily, regardless of their differences in technical experience.

All you have to do is simply adjust the color levels for the Red, Green and Blue colors, and the tool will automatically show you the hexadecimal equivalent in real time - the hexadecimal values will change in real time as you are still adjusting the rgb color values.

hexadecimal color
Once you have adjusted the colors and want to start over to get another color code, simply click on the Reset button. This way, all values will be reset to zero and you can reset each value to zero to obtain a new color.

What is RGB, anyway? rgb means red, green and blue. These are the primary colours of light and form the colour model rgb.

The Rgb color model is an additive (as opposed to subtractive) color system in which red, green and blue lights are added together in various proportions to reproduce a wide range of other colors.

Rgb values are generally on a scale from 0 to 255 and often look like this: rgb(0, 74, 255).

On the other hand, a hexadecimal color code is a way to specify colors using hexadecimal values.

The code itself is a hexadecimal triplet, which means that it represents three distinct values that indicate the color levels of the components. A hexadecimal color value is composed of a string of six or three characters preceded by a hash (book sign). The character string is often composed of 0-9 digits and letters A-F.

Good examples are #FFFFFFFFFFFF which is the hexadecimal code for white and #0000000000 for black.

While the rgb color model is mainly used to represent or display graphics in electronic systems such as TVs, printers and computers, hexadecimal is more often used to specify colors in HTML and CSS code elements such as web pages.

This is about the only significant difference between the two color systems. Apart from that, rgb and hex are only two different ways to express the same thing: a red, green and blue color values.


Hexadecimal color values are presented as a single string of characters. If you work in a team with software engineers, try using hexadecimal color numbers because they can easily copy and paste the code from a chat or e-mail document.
If you need to define the opacity of a colored object, RGBA provides this feature. You can declare values in red, green and blue, as well as an additional value for transparency.
Hexadecimal color codes are more compact and therefore better for minimized codes. They can become even more compact by using only three digits for certain colors (e. g. #FFFFFFF), rather than the full six digits (e. g. #FFFFFFFFFF).
Hex slightly improves the loading time of a web page. Computers manage binary digits, and a hexadecimal digit can easily be converted to four binary digits, while decimal digits take longer to convert.
These are obviously some of the reasons why rgb color values must be converted to hexadecimal codes